Nick’s passion for his product is second only to his knowledge of what he sells. He is a true connoisseur, taking the time to learn about each brands unique origins and manufacturing process on top of sampling the products to test for flavor and quality. That’s why Nick’s customers never have to worry about the quality of his selection of premium handmade cigars, because they know the brands that he carries have all been thoroughly vetted. Having spent a lifetime chasing his passion for fine tobacco products, Nick has learned the stories and histories behind so many products and he wants to share those stories with his fans and followers.

This is his first video in a series of videos where he embarks on the mission of sharing each brand of cigars’ unique history. Nick kicks the series off describing how a game of golf with Rocky Patel lead to the creation of his best selling line of cigars. This is a re-release of our earlier content to get this blog started, however, there is plenty more to come! While we remaster and re-release our earlier content, we are working on creating newer and even more awesome content to share with our fans and followers, so please subscribe to our newsletter and like our Facebook page so that you can stay informed about our content releases


[00:00:01] Hey there. I’m Nick and this is my cigar world Nick cigar world. Or if you’re in Sheboygan It’s NicksCigarWorld.Com. All right. Today we’re going to start our product story. But before I do that I want you take a look at this showroom we have here. This is our 2000 square foot humidor and there’s over 7000 boxes of cigars here. So my camera people are going to try to show you a little bit of what that looks like. We stack them deep.

[00:00:32] We sell them cheap! It’s August here in Myrtle Beach and it’s our busy season so we have to keep the store plenty stocked for everybody.

[00:00:52] Now come on over here and I’ll tell you about this cigar. This right here. This is our number one selling cigar. It’s the Nick’s 10th Anniversary made and blended by Rocky Patel.

[00:01:14] Kind of a unique story about this cigar.

[00:01:17] I was down in Naples playing golf with Rocky Patel and we get to about the fourth hole. Rocky knew I had a lot of private labels that I own.

[00:01:26] He says I’d like to make a private brand just for you Nick. I said Rocky you got five or six brands right now. The last thing I need is another five dollars cigar. So couple we played a couple more holes. You had a couple more double bogeys and that I got to thinking I it said to me it was around the seventh or eighth hole.

[00:01:48] I said Hey Rocky. Tell you what that private label you want to make for me. Can you make me a knockoff of the Davidoff white label.

[00:01:57] That’s a twenty five dollar cigar that I can sell for six or seven or eight dollars it has to be just as identical as possible. Course Rocky said Certainly. I’ll do that. Well that was in February 10 years ago we started smoking all of the samples we sent prototype of the prototype and prototype bundles of each.

[00:02:23] I would smoke and my people would smile or my customers would smell them. Finally after going through I don’t know hundreds of cigars and I believe it was August I said you finally got it you got something the same taste profile same everything. We went into production. It didn’t get him to the shop until the following March. So this this whole deal went on for a little over a year. We had our 10th anniversary party printed out the whole parking lot had a big party. About two hundred people came and we gave everybody a cigar. Well there’s 20 in a box.

[00:03:03] Two hundred people you know it’s like 10 bucks.

[00:03:08] Well I had a great time for Champaign. A food came into the store the next day was only 20 boxes on the shelf. I said to my guys what were you guys handing out handfuls of these things. Everybody yesterday you said noted people would smoke the cigar and then they’d go and buy a box. So we sold. I think what it was was about 70 boxes that well I said You’re right.

[00:03:34] This is a hit. But three hundred more boxes into production. Now we go through over 100 boxes every month of just this cigar it’s a mild to medium cigar with a lot of character.

[00:03:49] It’s well-made. It’s a real tightly wound cigar so it burns nice and slow and you can compare it to another Davidoff and save about 30 dollars a stick. Okay.

[00:04:01] So that’s the story on our tenth anniversary cigar. Still here 10 years later it’s the number one seller. You can go right on our Web site and work it.

[00:04:12] Oh one last thing that came up just last week one of my tobacconist down at our other store warned. He has this habit of telling everybody about this cigar and say to them you haven’t tried this yet. We’ll try this when they buy it. And you’ll be back tomorrow by more.

[00:04:34] He’s kind of a quiet shy guy so it kind of surprised me. But he’s having a lot of fun selling it. We’re having a lot of fun sell it. So all you people up in Sheboygan you’re online. Let’s get it going. All right. Online Cigar Shop.

When you order cigars online from an expert like Nick, you’ll never have to worry about the quality of your product. Thank you for spending some time with us and we hope you enjoyed the video.

Stay tuned as we’ll be releasing our back log of videos over the next few days, while we also work on creating new and even better content to share with our fans and followers!