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Padron Cigars

Padron Cigars


Last week, we heard the story of Nick’s top-selling brand of cigars, Nick’s 10th Anniversary. This week, Nick shares his extensive knowledge of Cigars and Cigar brands to give some insight into his number two top-selling brand, Padron Cigars. We hope you enjoy the insight and hope you’ll consider Nick’s Cigar World online cigar shop.

The Story of Nick’s 10th Anniversary Cigars

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Nick’s passion for his product is second only to his knowledge of what he sells. He is a true connoisseur, taking the time to learn about each brand’s unique origins and manufacturing process on top of sampling the products to test for flavor and quality. That’s why Nick’s customers never have to worry about the quality of his selection of premium handmade cigars because they know the brands that he carries have all been thoroughly vetted.