Brickhouse is one of JC Newman’s oldest cigars. The original Brick house cigars were Cuban puros, handmade with the finest Havana tobaccos. Recently third-generation cigar makers Eric and Bobby Newman, have resurrected this vintage cigar brand by blending specially aged Nicaraguan tobaccos with hearty Havana Subido wrapper, and Habano filler leaves to match the rich, well-balanced flavor of their grandfather’s cigars. Creating a well balanced handmade Nicaraguan puro. From the very first draw of each cigar you experience thick smoke with an earthy overtone. The Brick House continues to build into a solid medium bodied cigar with the superior burn and evolving flavor that includes crisp, earthy notes and a smoky Oak aroma. This cigar finishes smooth and cool, as you have come to expect from a quality, handmade cigar. Paired with its very reasonable price, the Brickhouse is another masterpiece brought to us from JC Newman. Perfect for an everyday smoke, buy one singularly, or in boxes of 25, it is a cigar that you must experience once, but will probably come to frequent.

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