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The Acid lineup of cigars from Drew Estate is truly one of the most unique brands on the market.   Utilizing an infusion method which incorporates the use of various herbs, spices, and botanicals, these Acid cigars come in a wide variety of different sizes and shapes available in both Maduro and natural leaf wrappers.   While available in a wide variety of different blends and shapes, most Acid cigars are available in one of five different blends including: Acid Gold, Acid Blue, Acid Purple, Acid Red, and the Acid One and Five lines.  The Acid Blue Line holds with it the cigars most widely desired by ACID aficionados.  This Blue line is the careful combination of the finest mild cigar tobaccos and aromatic blending.

Weight 1 oz



4 X 38


Box of 40

Country of Origin



Connecticut Shade







19 reviews for ACID BLONDIE

  1. Abigail Cumberledgd (verified owner)

    One of our favorites!

  2. Michael Bastien (verified owner)

  3. Michael Bastien (verified owner)

    No complaints so far

  4. Michael Bastien (verified owner)

  5. Michael Bastien (verified owner)

  6. Michael Bastien (verified owner)

    Good job got them in 3 days

  7. HENRY H. (verified owner)

    Was on vacation in North Myrtle Beach in September, and just happened to see this shop open and upon walking in found a wonderful selection of some of the finest cigars ever , and the staff just as friendly as ever , made my purchase while there and my second purchase just days ago , and had my box of cigars show up in just 2 days

    Great staff , Great Selection, and everything about this store and the people are just TOP NOTCH !

  8. Michael Burkhart (verified owner)

    Great flavor and good for those quick smokes.

  9. Sonyette Doyle (verified owner)

    From the first & second visit fantastic selection and service . No complaints for the first online order. Thank you ?

  10. Michael Bastien (verified owner)

    Excellent Service

  11. Michael Bastien (verified owner)

  12. CRAIG C. (verified owner)

  13. Marcus Hershberger (verified owner)

  14. Michael Bastien (verified owner)

  15. Michael Bastien (verified owner)

  16. Jeffrey T. (verified owner)

  17. Michael Bastien (verified owner)

  18. Michael Bastien (verified owner)

  19. Michael Bastien (verified owner)

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